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Countdown to the 2nd Power League Qualifier

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First Power League Qualifier for 14 Black
Author: Lisa Just
The NCVBC 14-1 Black team played at The Hoop in Salem for their first Power League Qualifier on Sunday, January 6th.  The first team they played in Pool Play was TEAM Hiki No.  The 14 Black team won the first set 26-24, but ended up losing
Season Comes to and End at Emerald City
The team travelled to Seattle on Memorial Day Weekend for the Emerald City Tournament.  We all expected great things for the team as they came into the tournament as the #4 seed, and they did not disappoint. They played great in pool play, dropp
Far Western National Qualifier
The team travelled to Reno for the Far Western National Qualifier last weekend. The team all stayed together at the Nugget Casino.  It was a great weekend of parent-bonding at the tables, and team-bonding over In and Out burgers, swimming at the
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