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Author: Coach Kirt
As I have mentioned before this is the most rewarding season I have had in a long time.  This team has gone way beyond my expectations for this season.  Each one of the girls took on the challenge to improve their game to the next level and
14's Black go out on top and WIN the last Power League Tournament!!!
Author: Coach Kirt
Our last Power League Tournament was at Salem Hoops. The 14s Black have really come along way this season, we have won our last three tournaments and continue to build our confidence as a team and individual players.  This season has been one of
14s Black finish 10-0 in Power League!!
Author: Coach Kirt
14s Black moved up 6 seeds to #31 after having an amazing 10-0 day!! It was a great day from beginning to end. All the girls were ready to play and compete.  We were seeded #3 in our pool and played the first seed, Columbia Jrs.  rig
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Kirsten Day 11/5/2013

"The 2014 Club Season has begun. The 14s Black team has 10 players and I am ready to go and get the girls in "GOLD" form!!! Congrats to the 10 girls I will see you at registration and then our first practice Tuesday Nov 12 5-7 at Verne Duncan....any questions please email me at dayjaks1@yahoo.com. See you all soon!! "