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Countdown to Parent Meeting

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Silver is a very good birthday present!
Part of Coach Kirt's birthday weekend included NCVBC 14 Black's successful finish at the first Power League.  NW Reign 14-2 and MAC Juniors 13-1 Black were the team's first opponents. Both games went to three sets but the Black team came out vic
Aces Friendship Tournament
On Saturday, February 3rd, the NCVBC 14-1 Black team played hard all day in the Aces Friendship Tournament and earned the #1 seed going into the Gold Bracket in the afternoon.  They defeated Aardwolf Tuff, LOCOS Gold and then the Aces Elite 14-1
Power League Qualifiers
Author: Lisa Just
The 14-1 Black team ended the second Power League Qualifier at The Hoop in Salem with an amazing performance.  They went undefeated in pool play beating MAC Juniors 13-1 Black, Southside 14-1, and PDX VB 14-1 Black.  They then went on to be
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