14 Red

Countdown to the 2nd Power League Qualifier

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Incredible Season of Volleyball for 14 Red
Author: Lisa
This was an incredible season of volleyball for 14 Red.   I am so proud of their hard work, sacrifice and dedication.  I am excited to see how they use this season to push forward, refine their skills and hopefully, continue to love co
14 Red Reaches Another Championship Final in Cowliitz April 22 Tournament
Author: Coach Lisa
It was yet another incredible Sunday for 14 Red at the Cowlitz tournament as they powered through teams that were ranked 28, 31, and 38 in 14's.  The best part of Sunday was the power and smart play as seen in yet another tournament of great ser
14 Red Wins April 7 Power League
Author: Lisa
Congratulations 14 Red on winning the Apirl 7 Power League!!!!  It was an incredible day of sensational passing, powerful hits, spot on serving and dynamite defense. They played as a team with intent, confidence, poise, self-control and skill. T
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Jill Sheasley just posted a photo
Jill Sheasley just posted a photo
Jill Sheasley just posted a photo
Jill Sheasley just posted a photo
Jill Sheasley just posted a photo
Jill Sheasley just posted a photo
Latest Club Chat:

Raluca Dinca 1/16/2014

"Pictures tonight, after practice, for 14s RED - 7:25pm!! We decided to wear our scarlet "red" jerseys :)"

Raluca Dinca 11/11/2013

"We are officially registered for a CEVA Friendship Tourney on Saturday, December 14th in Portland, OR.. (specific location TBA)! This is a half day tournament and 14s play in the AM wave. It should be a fun little warm up tourney for us! :)"

Raluca Dinca 11/8/2013

"I'm excited for this club season to officially start Wednesday 11/13 at Verne Duncan from 5-7pm! See you there and become a fan!"