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14 White Inch Higher in tough 14U Bracket
Author: Coach Nathan
14 White inched higher in the CEVA rankings in a strong field of teams. Great teamwork and outstanding improvement in the middle positions helped solidify a win and a higher standing last power league.  Blocking and hitting through the middle op
14 White Play Solid to Hold Conquest Ranking
Author: Coach Nathan
Although down one player (Michelle) due to illness, the weekend saw the 14 White team face some strong teams as they battled to hold ground in a tough bracket and tournament. Led by captains Vai and Ryann, the team started strong in the morning but s
14 White go Undefeated in Bracket to Win Bronze at Willamette Classic!
Author: Coach Nathan
The 14 White Team finished off the season with a great win at the Willamette Classic at Oregon State University. Seeded 16 going into the tournament, the team faced tough competition in the first day, facing the 4thseed (#11 in CEVA rankings) and the
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