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2nd Place in Power League #1
Author: Jennell
The Grey team took on the Aloha Warriors for their first match of the day.  We had a hard time getting our serving down in the first set, however we outplayed the Warriors in receiving and won the first set 25-20.  By the start of the secon
1st Day Qualifying Powerleague
Author: Jennell Andrews
This season has started off with great momentum!  We pushed 4 of our 5 matches into a 3rd set.  This team really wanted to play volleyball this weekend. Our first match against Wave was exciting.  We stayed close throughout the
Practices over Winter Break
Author: Jennell Andrews
Hello, Hello! I know our practices are early in the upcoming weeks, but just think how much time you will have to do other things during the day.  If you can not make it to all of the practices, please let me know.  You might be able to
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