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Friendship Tournament

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Qualifier Tournament
It was an Ice Cream Day!!! 12's Red went into their first Power League Qualifier ranked 22 and ended the day ranked #16!!! We were in a pool with #3 OJVA, #10 Athena and #15 T.E.A.M Hiki No. We started with Athena, we played them tough, but they go
2/5 Friendship Tournament
Author: Carol York
Today we had a friendship tournament out at the courts. We were a little sleepy the first set and dropped it, but then we found our groove and never looked back. We went undefeated the rest of the day!! We had spectacular day serving!! 87% serving fo
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Carol York just posted a news article Qualifier Tournament
Carol York just posted a news article Qualifier Tournament
Carol York just posted a news article 2/5 Friendship Tournament
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