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12 Blue wins their bracket!
Author: Bethany Bareksten
Such a fun and amazing day at our Power League at Blanchet High School in Salem.  We had a later start time and then faced MAC juniors.  Took that match to 3 sets, but couldn't quite get the win.  Our biggest match in morning pool play
12's Blue Power League Qualifier
Author: Bethany Bareksten
12's Blue had our first Power League on Saturday at The Hoop in Salem.  All but one of the girls on the team are new to club volleyball, so the morning jitters took a few plays to shake off but we played hard and improved on every play!  Ou
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Carol York 11/6/2013

"I am so excited for the season to start. We have a great group of girls that are ready to play some volleyball. Please remember to sign the parent and player contract before our first practice next Wednesday. "

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