16's Red

December Friendship Tournament

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Congratulations 16-2 Red - NW Elite Friendship Tournament Champions!
Author: Coach Glenn
Congratulations 16-2 Red for winning the NW Elite FriendshipTournament today!   Nice job ladies! You ROCK!!
16 Red PL #2 Bronze Bracket Champions - Moving up to Silver (#18)!
Author: Coach Glenn
The 16-2 Red team took the Bronze division by surprise winning all matches, but one (and most in 2 sets) in Power League #2 this Sunday at Lower Columbia College. Teams played included Cowlitz 16-1; Team Hiki No. 15-1; CC Fusion 16-1, Excel NW 16-1 a
16-2 Red moves up again (Bronze Bracket #28) in Power League #1!
Author: Coach Glenn
It was another amazing Power League for 16 Red! 16 Red arrived at The Hoop in Salem ready to take on their competitors. After sizing up two of our competitors during our refereeing assignment, we were ready to take the court. Our first competitor was
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