Welcome to North Clackamas Volleyball Club! Here are some Frequently Asked Questions: 

Please also see the CEVA guide with answers to ALL questions. 

What is club volleyball? 

Club volleyball is a competitive volleyball experience for players who are interested in improving their volleyball skills. NCVBC is a group of players and coaches committed to training athletes with proper techniques and the most up-to date methods possible. We are a 
Gold Medal Squared Certified Club and all our coaches and players teach and learn the same techniques from year to year, maximizing success.  

Practices are held 1-2x a week (depending on if you're on a part or full time team) in the Clackamas & surrounding area. Practice days and times will be posted underneath each team page, but may change as the season goes on.
There are two tournaments a month from January through April/May, depending on the team. Our higher level teams do some traveling tournaments, but our 12’s and 14’s teams stay local. 

How are teams decided? 

Girls tryout for a team and make them based off of age and ability. Not everyone will make a team, but it is our goal to allow the most kids to participate. Age groups are as followed: 

12’s are for girls who are age twelve and under (normally 3rd-6th grade) (players born on or after September 1, 2005)
14’s are for 7th-8th graders (players born on or after September 1, 2003)
16's are for 9th-10th graders (players born on or after September 1, 2001)
18's are for 11-12th graders (players born on or after September 1, 1999)

Occasionally some players play up in divisions based off of coach/parent decisions. All teams are by ability and normally have between 9-11 players per team (10 is what we strive for). The 12’s division will have two full time teams and 3 part time teams, depending on how many girls tryout for each. 
12’s black: top 3rd-6th graders on a full time team
12’s red: 3rd-6th graders on a full time team

12’s white: top 3rd-6th graders on a part time team
12’s grey: 3rd-6th graders on a part time team 
12's blue: 3rd-6th graders on a part time team 
*if a player doesn’t make a full time team, they will automatically be considered for a part time team unless if you are not interested in that. 

What is the cost of club volleyball? 

Every team is different based off of which traveling tournaments they do, but here are APPROXIMATE prices. Exact prices will be posted the week before tryouts, but shouldn’t be much different: 

If you need financial assistance, the 
Lexi Spencer Foundation has helped some of our athletes in the past with a portion of the fees. You will be required to go through them to get any fees reimbursed, which means you will still need to make the normal payments and then get reimbursed by them. Our fees are similar or in some cases significantly less than all the other leading clubs in our area. 

Please read the stories on the home page that contain more information regarding tryouts and forms that need to be filled out.

The Club Season is approaching quickly. To prepare, here is some important information for parents and players.



If this is the first time you have explored Club Volleyball as an option for the volleyball player in your family, please click on this link to view CEVA’s Parent Guide to Club Volleyball. This guide is packed with helpful information and will continue to be updated as the season gets closer.



Each club season on a specific date that is specified by USA Volleyball (the national governing body for the sport of Volleyball), clubs hold tryouts for players seeking to play competitively for the club of their choice. Each age division typically tries out at a different time and/or on a different date. As club volleyball is competitive, we select players for teams based on skill level and try to place kids of similar or equal skill level on the same teams. As we do have a limited number of teams, unfortunately, not all kids that tryout will be selected for a team.



USA Volleyball has put together a chart that will help you determine what age division your child should try out for. Please click on this link and scroll down to the chart on page 7. Your child’s age division will also be printed on their CEVA membership card. (See below for instructions on how to obtain the required CEVA Membership)



NCVBC offers both full-time and part-time teams at the 12’s age division.

Part time teams have one practice a week and have one tournament a month (4 for the season)

  • Part-time teams have one 2-hour practice a week and generally attend one Power-LeagueTournament per month.

  • Full-time teams have two practices per week and generally attend two tournaments per month. One tournament is a Power League Tournament and the other is a Friendship Tournament.

    **Please note that due to Power League Qualifiers, some age divisions have 2 (two) back-to-back Power League Tournaments that generally fall on the last weekend of December/first or second weekend of January to determine team placement within the Power League ranking system.



    Please let us know that your child will be attending NCVBC tryouts by clicking on this link and registering. The registration process only takes a few minutes.


    Please be sure to visit our home page for instructions on how to sign-up for our pre-tryout clinics.



    Your child will need to bring the following information with them in order to participate in tryouts:     

    CEVA Membership Card:

  • New Members: to obtain membership for the first time with CEVA, please click on this link.

    Existing CEVA Members: please click on this link to renew your annual membership.

    NOTE: If you are not sure if your child will make a team,you may purchase a temporary membership (make a membership deposit) that is only good for tryouts (OR) you may obtain a full membership. Please note that CEVA Membership is “not” refundable should your child not make a team. Should your child make a club team, you will be required to upgrade their membership to a full-membership before your child will be allowed to participate in any club practices.  Please bring a copy of the membership card to tryouts.

  • Medical Release Form: please click here to access and complete this form. Please print this form and bring a completed copy to tryouts

  • Parent/Player Concussion Information and Informed Consent Form: please click here to review the Heads-Up Concussion in Youth Sports information. Please print out the information and thoroughly review. Once you have completed your review, please sign the Parent/Player Informed Consent Form and bring the signature page to tryouts.   

  • Tryout Fee:the tryout fee per child is $10. If writing a check, please make the check payable to NCVBC.

    If you should have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our staff members for assistance.

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