The Recruiting Process

The Recruiting Process
Jim Stultz
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College recruiting and evaluating college options can be a consuming process. If you have a desire to play at the next level, your process and investigation must begin as early as possible during your high school career.
First of all you are a potential student athlete, the STUDENT must come first. The education should be the first consideration, the athletics second, not the reverse. The responsibility falls on you! You must work hard in class to build the best body of work academically. Regardless of your athletic gifts, if you don’t have the grades, it will be very difficult to qualify for entrance to many colleges. Also, the development of disciplined, dedicated study skills will make you a good time manager as you navigate the heavy demands of school and playing a sport at the collegiate level.
When evaluating a college or university, imagine if you weren’t playing a sport. Would this school still be the place you want to spend the next four years of your life?  Your sport is important, but you want to strive to have a rich overall college experience at a place your are comfortable and feel you belong. YOU MUST INVEST YOURSELF INTO THIS PROCESS! Don’t rely on glossy brochures and pretty pictures on the internet. You must VISIT, VISIT, VISIT. I can’t emphasize this enough. You must get out to see campuses , talk to administrators and counselors. You want to pursue any and all financial aid options available. You want to sit in on a class, meet your teammates, view a practice, stay overnight in a dorm. Does this school offer a course curriculum that meet my interests of what I wish to learn? Can I get the degree I wish to pursue?
Only after investing your time and investigating each school option, can you fully make an informed decision of what options feel the best to you. You want to envision to yourself, “ do I feel at home here, do I belong here, can I be happy here. Is this a good fit?”
As a student and a parent try to be realistic of the players talents and capabilities. There are many options of school and conference size that could provide an ideal fit for your student athlete. Division I, Division II, Division III , NAIA schools as well as community colleges are all available to choose from. Each are different and may offer athletic scholarships, academic scholarships, financial aid packages or a blend of all of these options. Again, your sole objective is to find the best fit!
These comments just scratch the surface of the many tasks you must embrace. If I can assist further in helping you navigate this journey, please feel free to call me anytime. I will do my best to help in any way.

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