Nadia Boria

Position:Athletic Administrator
Coaching History:

2003: Happy Valley Red (5/6th grade) Coach
2004: 14's Bronze - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2006: Sub Coach - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2007: 14's Silver - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2008: 12's Gold - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2009-2011: 12's Black - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2011-2012: 13's Black - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2012-present: 12's Black - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2008-2013: Freshman - Clackamas High School

High School Playing Experience

2000: Freshmen Volleyball Captain, Clackamas High School
2001: JV Volleyball Captain, Clackamas High School
2002-2003: Varsity Captain, Clackamas High School

Junior Olympic Volleyball Experience

2000-2002: 16 U North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2002-2003: 18 U North Clackamas Volleyball Club

Volleyball Program Director

2005 to present: Cavalier Volleyball Camp Director
2008 to present: Clackamas Junior Volleyball Director
2010 to present: North Clackamas Volleyball Club Director

Refereeing Experience

2003 to present: Clackamas Junior 3/4th grade

Personal Info: Nadia has been married for 7 years and has two boys, Noah & Jakey. She is a substitute teacher for the district and loves to spend time with her family!

Anna Chizum

Position: 16's Black Co-Coach

Coaching Philosophy

My coachingphilosophy is simply volleyball should always be fun! When volleyball is nolonger fun, you should stop playing. I loved volleyball as a child and mycoaches were some of my biggest role models growing up. Volleyball was fun forme because my coaches and my teammates made it fun. Playing volleyball has notonly helped me to make some great memories, but it has also helped me to becomethe person that I am today. Volleyball should be fun. Will it always be fun?No, there will definitely be times of struggle and there will definitely betimes where you want to stop. But, when you look back hopefully you can smilethinking about all of the great memories you have made. That was the volleyballexperience I had and that is the volleyball culture that I hope to instill inmy team and the players around me.



In 2012, Igraduated with honors from Clackamas High School. Following graduation, Iattended Concordia University in Portland where I played volleyball and studiedelementary education. I graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s inElementary Education in 2016. I am currently seeking a Master’s of Education inElementary Education with a Reading Endorsement. I am looking forward tograduating with my Master’s degree this spring.


Coaching Experience

2017-Present NCVBC16’s Black Coach

2012-PresentConcordia Volleyball Camp Coach

2012-PresentClackamas Junior Volleyball Clinics and Private Lessons

2016-2017 NCVBC12’s Black Guest Coach

Spring 2016 GoldMedal Square Coaches Clinic

2015-2016 NCVBC12’s Black Coach

Summer 2015Estacada High School Camp Coach

2008-2012, 2016Clackamas Volleyball Camp Coach


Playing Experience

2012-2016 ConcordiaUniversity Volleyball

2009-2012 ClackamasHigh School Varsity Volleyball

2006-2012 NCVBC

2004-2012 NumerousSummer Volleyball Camps

2011 AthenaVolleyball Academy

2008 Clackamas HighSchool Freshmen Volleyball Team

2007-2008 SunriseMiddle School Volleyball Team

2004-2006 ClackamasJunior Volleyball



I am currently a third grade teacher at Lincoln Park Elementary Schoolin David Douglas School District. I love working with kids and coaching is away for me to stay involved in volleyball. In my free time I enjoy working out,running, participating in yoga, spending time with my family and friends andtraveling.

Anna Dillard

Position: 16 Black Co-coach

April Kaelin

Position: 14 White Head Coach
In my wildest dreams, I never imagined that I would find myself coaching Volleyball. Yet, after a few years of personal training, a B.S., a nickname I can’t shake, and a toddler, here I am and I LOVE IT. I grew up in NCVBC and am incredibly excited to give back to the environment that gave me so much. Volleyball has always been more like a second home; and it is with every part of me that I strive to help young athletes build a positive and safe outlet to develop skills needed on and off the court. 

B.S. in Science from PSU
Minor in Sociology 

National Council of Strength and Fitness certified from210-2012

Portland Public School rec coach 2016

Club Director for PRVBC 2016-present 
PRVBC 14u coach 2016-2017

GMS training aug. 2017

Clackamas High School JV2 Coach 2017

Two CEVA power league tournament wins 2017
CHS tournament win 2017
CHS Second place tournament finish 2017

Raluca Dinca

Position: Head Coach


My coaching philosophy is all about working hard and having fun. Just like I hold my students to high standards and expectations, I also hold my players to high standards and expectations. If you believe in them, they will start believing in themselves as well and will reach higher than you even had hoped! I am a big believer that kids learn from mistakes. I try and create an atmosphere that allows mistakes to happen without shame or fear. I give lots of feedback so players can work on fixing their mistakes. I think of myself as a very positive and enthusiastic coach, and I hope to instill that positivity to my players. I have such a passion for this game, and I hope my passion is contagious and these girls start fall in love with volleyball just like I did.



2014-Present: Gilbert Heights Elementary 5th grade volleyball coach

2013-2014: 14s Red coach

2012-2013: 18s Black coach

2011-2012: 16s Black coach

2010-2011: Catlin Gabel volleyball JV & Assistant Varsity coach

2009-Present: Concordia University volleyball camp coach



2011-Present: CEVA & PVA adult player

2009-2010: Two-Time First Team All Cascade Collegiate Conference Outside Hitter

2007-2010: Four-year member of the Concordia University volleyball team

2006-2007: Oregon Juniors Club 18 Black

2005-2006: Two-year Mt. Hood Conference First Team honors

2005: Portland Volleyball Club 16 Blue

2004-2006: Three-year member of the David Douglas High School varsity volleyball team

2003: Member of the David Douglas High School freshmen volleyball team



2015: CEVA Referee and Scorer Certification

2015: Concussion, Impact and SafeSportCertification

2011-Present: Gold Medal Squared training



I started playing volleyball in the 4th grade and I still play volleyball competitively to this day. I met my husband, Odie, in college and we have been married a little over a year. We have a 4-year-old lab mix named Griffey.  I am a first grade teacher in the David Douglas School District, and that takes up a lot of my time. When I have free time, I enjoying staying active with my family, friends and doggy.

Ryan Bethurum

Position: Head Coach

Coaching Philosophy:

Playing sports should be fun! That’s not the only goal, but it should be the central theme. I think it’s most fun when: we embrace the opportunity to be part of something bigger (the team) than just ourselves. Fun is being challenged to do something, or become someone, that you didn’t think possible, and then working hard to discover it is. Fun is giving your best effort, every play, every game(win or lose) with no regrets. Fun is laughing at the“I-can’t-believe-I-missed-that-ball” moments, cheering for the“Oh-my-gosh-did-you-see-that?” plays, and tearing up after the“We-finally-did-it” championships. Most of all…fun is getting to know your teammates and growing to love them as people, because records, inevitably are forgotten but friendships are not.

Favorite Quote (For Sports):

“If you only do what you can do…you will never be more than you are now.” —Master Shifu (Kung Fu Panda 3)

Coaching History:

2014: Clackamas Juniors Volleyball, 7th/8th Grade Division

          Beach Volleyball: Coached two 14’s Teams (doubles)

          H.S. Varsity Assistant - Damascus Christian School

2014-2015: 16’s Black, Head Coach- Mount Hood Athletic Club

2016: 7th/8th Grade Coach- Good Shepherd School

2016-2017: 14's Blue, Head Coach/16's Red Assistant- NCVBC

2017: 16's Red, Head Coach

Playing History:

1991-1994: Multnomah University, Intramural and Sand Tournaments


Gold Medal Squared Elite Volleyball training, 3-Day Coaching Clinics: May 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017 & 2018 (University of Washington)

The Art of Coaching Volleyball, 2-Day Coaching Clinic & Advanced Skills Clinic: June 2018

3-Day Coaching Clinic with John Kessel (Director of Sport Development, USA National Team): August 2017

Personal Info:

My wife and I have been married for 22 years and we have three wonderful teenagers. We love all things outdoors, volleyball, soccer, Sci-Fi/Fantasy films, Gold Rush, and American Ninja Warrior! 

Carol York

Position: Coach

My first priority when coaching is to make sure the members of my team continue to love the sport at the end of the season. Team bonding, teamwork and enthusiasm for the game are necessary for the success of the athlete. Skills will develop through practice and touching the ball, but being part of a team is something special that can have a positive influence for the rest of your life. I want to develop rounded players that will continue their athletic career far into the future, not necessarily at a college level, but a life long love of playing the sport.

High School Coaching History: 
2012-2014: Rex Putnam High School (5A): Freshman Head Coach
• 2012, 2013 & 2014 Fall Seasons

JuniorVolleyball (Club) History:
North Clackamas VolleyballClub

2015-16-Head Coach12-2 (Went from 39th to 19th)

2014-15 – Head Coach12-2 Red (At January 2015 Qualifier, team moved up from 48 to 36)

2013-14 – Head Coach12-4 Blue

2012-13 – Asst. Coach12-1 Black  (Finished Top 16 at JuniorRegionals)

Junior Recreational History: 
2005-2010: Clackamas Jr. Volleyball 
• 2010: Head Coach 4-5 grade & 6-7 competitive 
• 2009: Head Coach 4-5 grade & 6-7 competitive
• 2008: Head Coach 4-5 grade & 6-7 competitive
• 2007: Head Coach 2-3 grade & 4-5 grade
• 2006: Head Coach 2-3 grade & 4-5 grade
• 2005: Head Coach 2-3 grade

2005-2010: Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)
• 2011: Head Coach, Christ the King School, 6th grade team - Blue/Green Division

• 2012-2015: Gold Medal Squared training

1981-1984: Clackamas High School
• Four-year Varsity team-member
• Three-year Captain in 1982, 1983, 1984

• Intramurals

Connie Haider

Position: 12's Mentor Coach

Elizabeth Bohr

Position: Coach

I am excited to join theNCVBC team again as the past few years I have been focused on my family and career. My coaching philosophy stresses the importance of accountability, team unity, self-confidence, sportsmanship and having a desire to play. I started playing volleyball when I was 11 and look forward to bringing my love of the sport to my players. I recognize there is always more to learn whether you area coach, player or parent and I look forward to learning with my team this year!


This is my 5th year working with high school students while teaching preschool in the North Clackamas School District. When I am not working, I enjoying going outdoors as much as possible with my 2-year-old daughter.


Playing experience:

2003-2007 NCVBC

2004-2007 Clackamas HighSchool


Coaching Experience:

2009: Alpine Volleyball Club 14’s head coach

2012: NCVBC 14’s volunteer

2013: NCVBC 14’s assistant coach



2012: BA in EarlyChildhood/ Elementary Education

2017: Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instruction: Reading

Hannah Wise

Position: 12's Purple Coach

Hello! I can’t wait to get going this season as the 14’s Purple coach. Some of my greatest memories growing up were playing Club Volleyball and now I am very excited to be on the other side of it creating a positive experience for players.

I grew up in Wenatchee, Washington and after graduating from Wenatchee High I received my degree and teaching certificate from Washington State University, Go Cougs! I now teach 7thGrade Language Arts. I enjoy golfing, boating and spending time with friends and family!

My coaching philosophy is centered on building confidence, comradery and compassion. I hope that each player is able to grow as an individual and as a team player. It is my goal to lead our team to a successful season that shows outstanding growth at the end.  I am looking forward to a great season!




Playing experience:

2003-2007 NCWBC U-12 Gold, U-14 Gold, U-16 Gold

2007-2009 Wenatchee High School


Coaching Experience:

2010: NCWVBC Volunteer Coach

2015: Eastmont Jr. High Volleyball Team

2017: Gladstone JV2 Coach



2015: BA in English, Secondary Education Certificate



Jenni Sandstrom

Position: Assistant Coach

Playing History:

2011-2012:    12’s White, NCVBC

2012-2013:    12’s Black, NCVBC

2013-2014:    14’s Red, NCVBC

2014-2015:    JV2, Clackamas High School

                        14’s Black, NCVBC

2015-2016:    JV, Clackamas High School

                        15’s Gold, Athena

2016-2017:   16’s Rox, Excel Northwest

2017-2018:   Varsity, Clackamas High School


Coaching Experiences & Certifications:

August 2014, 2015, 2017: Cavalier Volleyball Camp

2017:         14’s Blue assistant coach, NCVBC

May 2017: Gold Medal Squared Elite Volleyball Training,Coaches Clinic (University of Washington)

2017:         CEVA Referee and Scorer Certification

Kirsten Day

Position: Coach


My philosophy is simple. Have fun! Without fun, why participate. I believe they must enjoy the time and effort they are spending to ensure the desire to improve.  I am competitive, and I want my teams to compete, and to go out and give 100% win or lose. That is all I can ask from them.  I believe asking questions and making each player accountable for their decisions is key to learning as well.  I provide a fun, positive, and competitive environment with constant feedback, and I look forward to every new season to challenge and enjoy each player. 

1984-1989: Freshman Coach - Marshall High School
1992-1997: J.V. Coach - LaSalle High School
2000-2009: J.V. Coach - Clackamas High School

2010-2013: Varsity Asst. - Clackamas High School

2016 - Present - Multnomah University, Assistant Coach   

1983-1991: Coach 16's & 18's - Northwest Juniors Volleyball Club
1992-1997: Coach 14's, 16's & 18's - Metro Volleyball Club
1997-1998: Director and Coach - Metro Volleyball Club
2000, 2003 - 2008: Coach 14's - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2008-2009: Coach 13's Gold - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2009-Present: Coach 14's Black - North Clackamas Volleyball Club

1987: Coach 14's Junior Regional’s, 3rd Place - Northwest Juniors
1988: Junior Regional 16's Player Megan Salisbury Voted "MVP" All Tournament - Northwest Juniors
1988: Coach 16's at Davis Festival "Divisional Champs" - NorthwestJuniors
1989: Coach 16's at Davis Festival "Divisional Champs" - NorthwestJuniors
1996: Coach 16's, Junior Regional’s 2nd Place - Metro Volleyball Club
1997: Coach 18's, Davis Festival "Divisional Champs" - MetroVolleyball Club
1998: Coach 14's , Junior Regional’s "Consolation Champs" - MetroVolleyball Club
1994, 1995, 1996 & 1997: Member of the Coaching staff for LaSalle "Tri-Valley League Champions”

1994, 1995 & 1997: Member of the Coaching staff for LaSalle - "3AState Champions"
2005: 14's Gold - Top 16 finish at Junior Regional’s
2005: Emerald City Tournament 14's Player Taylor Isaacs voted "All Tournament Team"
2006: 14's Gold - Top 8 finish at Junior Regional’s
2007: 14's Gold - Top 8 finish Junior Regional’s
2007: 14's Gold - Volleyball Festival 15th finish – “Championship Division” 
14's Gold - Finished top 16 at Junior Regional’s
2008: 14's Gold - Finished 43rd (top 1/3) at Volleyball Festival
2008-2009: Finished top 16 in Regional’s; Finished top 30 Emerald City

2009-2010: 14’s Black Coach - Finished top 10 in Regional’s; Won the Silver Division at Emerald City 

2010-2011: 14’s Black finished 2nd in Regional’s and 2nd in the Gold Division at Emerald City Classic.

Player Lauren O'Brien voted All Tournament Team

2011: Varsity Assistant. Finished 5th in State

2012: Varsity Assistant. Finished 3rd in State

2013: Varsity Assistant. Finished4th in State

2014: 14s Gold finished 2nd  Emerald City Classic, Seattle, WA (US Qualifier).

Player Alyssa Mehalovich voted All Tournament Team

2015: 14s Gold finished  4th In Regionals; 9th Far Westerns, Reno, NV (US Qualifier); 6th Emerald City Classic, Seattle, WA (US Qualifier)

2017 - Pacific Northwest Qualifier, Spokane, Wa - Finished 2nd USA Division

2017 - Regionals - Finished 8th

2017 - Emerald City Classic, Seattle, Wa - Finished 2nd Gold Division


2017– Marissa Rhoades & Patty Battoon “Portland Tribune” Player of the Week.

2017– Sabrina DeJesus “Cascade Conference” Athlete of the Week.

1979-1982: Played for Marshall High School - Senior year played in State Finals
1983-1984: Received Full Scholarship. Played at Mt. Hood Community College 2 years,

League Champions (20-0)

Lisa McBee

Position: Coach

Makaila Hines

Position: Coach

My coaching philosophyis to "Work Smart. Work Hard. Have Fun. Be Passionate. Be Humble."

It is pretty selfexplanatory but I put a huge emphasis on having fun and passionate, or else itis just players going through the motion. My favorite part about playing andcoaching volleyball is watching girls play together from 12u through 18u andcreating that special bond that team mates have. To create that bond playersdon't only see each other on the court but there needs to be team bondingparties off the court also. Volleyball has given me life long lessons andfriends that I hope to pass onto my players.



Playing experience:

2009-2014 CanbyVolleyball Club

2010-2014 Canby HighSchool


Coaching Experience:

2014 Canby VolleyballClub 16's assistant coach

2015 Canby VolleyballClub 14's assistant coach

2016 Canby Volleyball Club14-2 head coach

Micah Klein

Position: Coach

2004-2007 Player at Rex Putnam High School
2008-2016 Volunteer at Putnam Youth Basketball and Shooting Stars
2014-2015 Program Administrator at North Clackamas Parks and Recreation SideoutVolleyball
2014-2017 Player at Portland Volleyball Association
2014 NCVBC 14s Blue Coach
2015 Gold Medal Squared Coaching Clinic
2016 NCVBC 14s Grey Coach
2017 Gold Medal Squared Coaching Clinic

U14s was the year ofmy volleyball career that I fell in love with the sport. It’s now a lifelongpassion for me. I know this is a critical year for the players to develop andto be intentional about achieving their goals. I think if the players areenjoying practice and enjoying their teammates it creates the best environmentfor success. I also coach my players to be loud/enthusiastic on and off thecourt and to always cheer for themselves and their teammates. 

My goal is to see all myplayers make their high school teams the next fall! 

Charlene Gilbert

Position: Assistant Coach


My coaching philosophy is pretty straight forward, have fun and be passionate! I, as an assistant coach, am always playing and scrimmaging with the team, peppering for warm up and participating in drills as much as I can. I feel that it allows the team to see me in a different role which opens the line of communication for questions. While allowing the team to see me play inaction for reference and inspiration! It also shows them that you can have fun, learn, be competitive, and make mistakes at any age!


For me, successful players need to enjoy the sport and be willing to work hard and improve. If they don't want to participate or they don't like the sport it shows in their playing. I am competitive and I want my team to be competitive and have fun! Amazing things can be accomplished when a team comes together and has fun. I believe in a open minded, open communication philosophy. I feel that asking questions is imperative to a players success. I am always open and always available via text or email for questions any of the players may have.


This will be my 3rd season coaching with Kirt and I believe we make a pretty radical coaching team. I look forward to the new season and to meet, challenge and get to know each player!



2009-2010: Assistant Coach for NCVBC 16-2.
2014 - Present: Assistant Coach for NCVBC 14's Black



2015: 14s Gold finished  4th In Regionals; 9th Far Westerns, Reno, NV (US Qualifier); 6th Emerald City Classic, Seattle, WA (US Qualifier)



2004-2007 - Gresham High school
2006-2009 - Libero NCVBC 16's-18's.

Jim Stultz

Position: Club Founder
Email: NA
Judson Baptist College - Degree:  B.S. Elementary Education, June 1984

Coaching History (1984-2013)
1984 - 1991 Head Varsity Volleyball Coach - Mt. Hood Christian School
1992 - 1997 Head Varsity Volleyball Coach - La Salle High School
1998 - 1999 Head Varsity Volleyball Coach - Centennial High School
2000 - 2013 Head Varsity Volleyball Coach - Clackamas High School

Overall High School coaching record: 567-215 (28 years)
Ranks 6th - Oregon All-Time Volleyball Coaching Records

Junior Olympic Volleyball (Club) History
1986 - 1991 Founder, Director and Coach - Crusader Volleyball Club
1992 - 1997 Founder, Director and Coach - Metro Volleyball Club
2000 - 2009 Founder, Director and Coach - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2000 - 2002 14's Gold Coach - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2003 - 2005 12's Gold Coach - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2005 - 2006 11's Gold Coach - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2006 - 2007 12's Gold Coach - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2007 - 2008 13's Gold Coach - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2008 - 2009 14's Gold Coach - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2010 - 2011 14's Red Coach - North Clackamas Volleyball Club

Team Highlights
1988 - Casco League & District Champions 14-0; State A Consolation Champions(24-1) - Mt. Hood Christian
1989 - Casco League & District Champions 16-0; State A Champions (26-0) - Mt. Hood Christian
1990 - Casco League & District Champions 18-0; State A Champions (27-1) - Mt. Hood Christian
1991 - Casco League & District Champions 16-0; State A Champions (31-2) - Mt. Hood Christian
1994 - Tri-Valley League Champions 13-1; State AAA Champions (35-2) - LaSalle
1995 - Tri-Valley League Champions 16-0; State AAA Champions (38-5) - LaSalle
1996 - Tri-Valley League Champions 16-0; 4th in State (36-4) - LaSalle
1997 - Tri-Valley League Champions 16-0; State AAA Champions (42-4) - LaSalle
2004 - State Tournament - 2nd Round (Sweet Sixteen) - Clackamas
2005 - State Tournament - 2nd Round (Sweet Sixteen) - Clackamas
2006 - State Tournament - 3rd Round (Elite Eight) - Clackamas
2007 - State Tournament - 2nd Round (Sweet Sixteen) - Clackamas
2009 - State Tournament - 2nd Round (Sweet Sixteen) - Clackamas
2010 - Three Rivers League Champions; 2nd Round (25-8) (Sweet Sixteen) - Clackamas
2011 - Three Rivers League Champions; (Final Four) 5th in State(38-6) - Clackamas
2012 - Three Rivers League Champions (10-0); (Final Four) 3rd in State (32-7) - Clackamas
2013 - Three Rivers League Chamipions (9-1)

Coaching Awards
1989 OHSCA Class 1A Volleyball "Coach of the Year"
1990 OHSCA Class 1A Volleyball "Coach of the Year"
OHSCA Class 1A Female Sports "Coach of the Year"
Power Plus Class 1A "Coach of the Year"
1991 OHSCA Class 1A Volleyball "Coach of the Year"
1994 OHSCA Class 3A Volleyball "Coach of the Year"
OHSCA Class 3A Female Sports "Coach of the Year"
Oregonian1s Class 3A Volleyball "Coach of the Year"
Mizuno Senior All Star Coach
Tri-Valley League "Coach of the Year"
1995 Tri-Valley League "Coach of the Year"
Nike Senior All - Star Coach
1996 Tri - Valley League "Coach of the Year"
1997 Oregonians Class 3A "Coach of the Year"
OHSCA Class 3A Volleyball "Coach of the Year"
Mizuno Senior All Star Coach
2003 Three Rivers League "Coach of the Year"
2010 Three Rivers League "Coach of the Year"
2012 Three Rivers League "Coach of the Year"            
  • Gold Medal Squared Elite Volleyball Training
  • Aries Apparel
  • Global Youth Athlete
  • Nike
  • Bullying STOPS Here