Nadia Boria

Position:Athletic Administrator
Coaching History:

2003: Happy Valley Red (5/6th grade) Coach
2004: 14's Bronze - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2006: Sub Coach - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2007: 14's Silver - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2008: 12's Gold - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2009-2011: 12's Black - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2011-2012: 13's Black - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2012-present: 12's Black - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2008-2013: Freshman - Clackamas High School

High School Playing Experience

2000: Freshmen Volleyball Captain, Clackamas High School
2001: JV Volleyball Captain, Clackamas High School
2002-2003: Varsity Captain, Clackamas High School

Junior Olympic Volleyball Experience

2000-2002: 16 U North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2002-2003: 18 U North Clackamas Volleyball Club

Volleyball Program Director

2005 to present: Cavalier Volleyball Camp Director
2008 to present: Clackamas Junior Volleyball Director
2010 to present: North Clackamas Volleyball Club Director

Refereeing Experience

2003 to present: Clackamas Junior 3/4th grade

Personal Info: Nadia has been married for 7 years and has two boys, Noah & Jakey. She is a substitute teacher for the district and loves to spend time with her family!

Jennell Andrews

Position: Head Coach

Capital High School - 1994
Western Washington University - Degree:  B.A. Exercise & SportsScience, December 1999
Western Washington University - Degree:  B.A. Recreation & LeisureStudies, December 1999

Volleyball Playing Experience 
1990-1993 Capital High School
1994 - 1999 Western Washington University Intramural
1995-1996 Grass & Sand  Tournaments
1999  - Weyerhauser Company Outdoor and Indoor Intramural
2001-2002 - Portland Volleyball Association

Volleyball Playing Highlights
1993 - Team Captain
1993 - 1st Place Black Hills League
1993 - 2nd Place 2A District
1993 - 4th Place Washington State Tournament 2A
1993 - Washington State 2A Tournament Sportsmanship Award

Other Sports Played
1991-1994 High School Basketball
1996 Tournament Basketball
1991-1994 Track & Field
1993 - Washington State High Jump 5th Place
1994 - Washington State High Jump 7th Place
1996-1997 Western Washington University High Jump
1996 - Skyhawks Camp Coach
1997 - Skyhawks Camp Director
2001-2005 - Coordinator for youth sports classes, leagues & adult opengyms.
2006-2010 - Director for youth & adult programs at the Montavilla CommunityCenter.

2011-present – Volunteer Youth Volleyball Coach

2011-2014 – Volunteer Youth Basketball Coach

2012-present – Volunteer Youth High Jump Coach


Club Coaching Experience
2012-15 - NCVBC U14 White

2015-2016 – NCVBC U14 Grey

I have two kiddos (12 & 8 years old).  My husband and I havelived in Oregon since 2000 and love it here.  I have worked in the fieldsof promoting sports, health, early childhood education, art, music and outdooreducation/recreation since 1996.  I come from a long line of educators andcoaches that I believe have made a positive impact on society and I hope thatis what I do on a daily basis.

 My favorite experience of working with anyone is seeing the moment that aperson realizes and fully understands what they have been trying to learn.

 My favorite quote: "The measure of who we are is what we do withwhat we have."-Vince Lombardi

Joni Glenn

Position: Assistant Coach

Coaching is my passionJ! The 16 Red team will be the 17th volleyball team that I have coached and I have loved every minute of it. I am a compassionate teacher, motivator and leader. I set tough, yet achievable season goals for my girls and partner with them every step of the way to help them achieve those. I have a huge love for the sport of volleyball, an intense thirst for continuous learning, and an enormous dedication to the players that I coach. For me, I believe there is no greater satisfaction than seeing the players that I have  encouraged and motivated throughout the season achieve their goals while developing into not only incredible volleyball players & exceptional team members, but even more extraordinary individuals. I place a very strong emphasis on continuous development on my team. I encourage my team members to strive toward excellence every day, but also define what that means clearly. Striving toward excellence is a process. It’s not about winning, although I do believe that you will eventually win if you strive toward excellence. Excellence is never giving up and staying positive even when things get really tough. It’s getting on the court and giving it your “all” every single time to meet that goal you have been working so hard to achieve. Striving toward excellence is not only about developing as an individual, but developing as a team member. It’s about supporting and encouraging others, even in those tough moments. It’s also understanding that it’s not about the number of errors that are made, but instead about how we react to them, if we learn from them, and if we apply that learning experience to improve.  As long as we stay positive and have an “I can do anything I set my mind to attitude”, we have already won more than half of the battle!     


Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical and expecting more than others think is possible”.(Quote by R. Oldham)

It is always such an honor and a privilege to motivate and encourage each of my players through the tough times and celebrate alongside them in their victories. I am definitely looking forward to another season.


August 2016 - Current: Clackamas High School; Assistant Coach, JV Team

October 2013 –Current: NCVBC

2015 – 2016 Club Season: 14 Blue Head Coach

2014 – 2015 Club Season: 14 Grey Head Coach

2013 – 2014 Club Season: 14 Blue, Assistant

* 14 Blue (2015 – 2016 Season) successfully moved up 46 seeds (121 to 75) from our first Power League Qualifier in January through the Power League Regional Championships. 14 Blue were the McMinnville Classic Tournament Champions and took second in the Silver Bracket in the highly competitive OJVA Friendship Tournament beating out teams ranked much higher. They also took 1st in their bracket during multiple Power Leagues throughout the season.

* 14 Grey (2014 - 2015 Season) successfully moved up 60 seeds (128 to 68) from our first Power League Qualifier in January through Regional Championships at the end of April. 14 Grey also took 1st in their bracket during multiple Power Leagues and were also the Cascade Bracket Champions at the Willamette Classic Volleyball Tournament at Oregon State University.

January 2014 - April 2014: Gresham-Barlow School District

OST Activities Instructor (Volleyball)

* Contract position teaching volleyball fundamentals to 6th – 8th grade players.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

2009 – 2013: Young Men’s Christian Association, Columbia Willamette/Mt. Hood YMCA

Competitive & Recreational Divisions

Head Coach

* Competitive Middle School League 6 – 8thgrade; 3rd – 8th grade recreational

* Coached both Fall and Spring Seasons each year

Additional coaching experience includes Clackamas Junior Volleyball (7th/8th grade division); assisting with the structuring and development of NCPRD’s new High School League (Head Coach for the High School program); NCPRD 7th/8thGrade League Coach + more.


* Gold Medal Squared Elite Volleyball Training, Coaches Clinic, May 2016 (University of Washington)

* Gold Medal Squared Elite Volleyball Training, Coaches Clinic, May 2015 (University of Washington)

* Gold Medal Squared Elite Volleyball Training, Coaches Clinic, January 2015 (Arizona State University)

* SafeSchools Training (FERPA, Harassment, Bullying, etc.), 2014, Gresham-Barlow School District

* Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED, September 2015, American Red Cross

* IMPACT Certification, 2015, USA Volleyball

* Concussion Certification, 2015, CDC

* NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching, August 2016

* NFHS Heat Illness Prevention, August 2016

* NFHS Concussion In Sports, August 2016

* Anabolic Steroid & Performance Enhancing Drug Certification, State of Oregon, August 2016

Richard Moller

Position: Head Coach

Rick Moller attended the University of Washington from 2007-2011 and playedall four years on the Men’s Club Volleyball Team while there, competing againstother northwest college club programs. Upon graduation Rick worked in aMedicine Pathology laboratory at UW for two years before leaving that andreturning to the volleyball world.

Rick began coaching while attending the University of Washington in 2011 forthe women's club team and stayed with them for two years. In 2013 Rick startedcoaching as JV assistant for Bishop Blanchet High School in Seattle, who senthim to his first Gold Medal Squared clinic. That year JV got second indistricts and the varsity squad, which Rick helped out with, made it to thestate tournament in his second year. Blanchet also returned to the statetournament in 2015 with a squad made up of many of the JV players he workedwith in the two years previously.

In  the 2013-2024 club season Rick coached as an assistant atSpaceNeedle Volleyball Foundation in Shoreline, WA for the U16's team, andreturned the following season as head coach of the U14's team. Both teamsenjoyed success in power league, rising several flights each and growing a tonas players and as a team.

In the summer of 2014 Rick began coaching summer camps at UW for the JimMcLaughlin Volleyball Camps and returned for the summers of 2015/2016 for theKeegan Cook Volleyball Camps. During these camps Rick has acted as an assistantand a head coach working on all levels of courts and with a wide group ofcoaches and players.

Most recently Rick coached for Arizona Storm Volleyball Club during the 2015-2016season. His U16’s team finished 23rd at Far Westerns having come inranked 107th.

Upon returning to the northwest Rick began coaching for the University ofPortland Pilots as a volunteer assistant. Rick assists the team with data entryand statistical analysis, video reviews and sessions, travel arrangements aswell as coaching in the gym. So far this season the Pilots have gone 7-5 andwon the Mississippi State University Bulldog Tournament, taking down hostsMississippi State in five sets.

Rick lives in north Portland with his girlfriend, Kelcey, who is in medicalschool and who played volleyball for the University of Washington. They havetwo cats together.

Ryan Bethurum

Position: Head Coach

Coaching Philosophy:

Playing sports should be fun! That’s not the only goal, but it should be the central theme. I think it’s most fun when: we enjoy the experience of being part of something bigger(the team) than just ourselves and our own wants/desires. Fun is being challenged to do something, or become someone, that you didn’t think possible, and then working hard to achieve it. Fun is going out there and leaving it all on the court, win or lose, just for the sheer excitement of it. Fun is laughing at the“I-can’t-believe-I-missed-that-ball” moments, cheering for the“Oh-my-Goodness-did-you-see-that?” plays, and tearing up after the “We-finally-did-it”championships. Most of all…fun is getting to know your teammates and growing to love them as people, because everyone is interesting if we just take the time to get to know them!

Favorite Quote (For Sports):

“If you only do what you can do…you will never be more than you are  now.” —Master Shifu (Kung Fu Panda 3)


Coaching History:

2014: Clackamas Juniors Volleyball, 7th/8th Grade Division

          Beach Volleyball: Coached two 14’s Teams (doubles)

          H.S.Varsity Assistant - Damascus Christian School

2014-2015: 16’s Black, Head Coach- Mount Hood Athletic Club

2016: 7th/8th Grade Team, Good Shepherd School


Playing Experience:

1991-1994: Multnomah University, Intramural and Sand Tournaments



All required NHFS training and certifications

All required USA volleyball training, including Safe Sport, Impact, and Concussion training

Gold Medal Squared, Elite Volleyball Training, Coaching Clinics: May 2013, 2014, & 2015 (University of Washington)


Personal Info:

My beautiful wife and I have been married for 21 years and we have three wonderful children. Our daughter is a junior in high school, and we have 8th grade twin boys. We love all things outdoors, volleyball, soccer, Sci-Fi/Fantasy films, Gold Rush, and American Ninja Warrior!

Charlene Gilbert

Position: Assistant Coach


My coaching philosophy is pretty straight forward, have fun and bepassionate! I, as an assistant coach, am always playing and scrimmaging withthe team, peppering for warm up and participating in drills as much as I can. Ifeel that it allows the team to see me in a different role which opens the lineof communication for questions. While allowing the team to see me play inaction for reference and inspiration! It also shows them that you can have fun,learn, be competitive, and make mistakes at any age!


For me, successful players need to enjoy the sport and be willingto work hard and improve. If they don't want to participate or they don't likethe sport it shows in their playing. I am competitive and I want my team to becompetitive and have fun! Amazing things can be accomplished when a team comestogether and has fun. I believe in a open minded, open communicationphilosophy. I feel that asking questions is imperative to a players success. Iam always open and always available via text or email for questions any of the playersmay have.


This will be my 3rd season coaching with Kirt and I believe wemake a pretty radical coaching team. I look forward to the new season and tomeet, challenge and get to know each player!



2009-2010: Assistant Coach for NCVBC 16-2.
2014 - Present: Assistant Coach for NCVBC 14's Black



2015: 14s Gold finished  4th In Regionals; 9th Far Westerns,Reno, NV (US Qualifier); 6th Emerald City Classic, Seattle, WA (US Qualifier)



2004-2007 - Gresham Highschool
2006-2009 - Libero NCVBC 16's-18's.

Hannah Olomua Taale

Position: Assistant Coach
Email: NA

Jenni Sandstrom

Position: Assistant Coach
Email: NA

Troy Frystak

Position: Assistant Coach

Troy Frystak

Coaching Experience:

Springwater Environmental Science School,  2009-Present

Oregon City, Oregon            

Middle School Volleyball Coach (Girls) in OregonCity School District Fall League

5/6 Grade Teacher


Nakorn Payap International School, 2004-2008

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Head Coach Boys Varsity Volleyball

Two time League Runner-Up

Coach: U12 Futsal, U12 Soccer

6th Grade Teacher


Pasadena Polytechnic School, 2000-2004

Pasadena, California

Head Coach Boys Varsity Volleyball

Played in Southern Section Finals 

Assistant Coach Boys Varsity Soccer

Summer School Teacher


Huntington Middle School, 1996-2004

San Marino, California

Boys and Girls Head Volleyball Coach Traveling Team

Undefeated Record for 7 Years (Boys and Girls)

Intramural Coach 

6th Grade Science and Math Teacher


San Marino High School , 1996-1999

San Marino, California

Girls Varsity Soccer Head Coach


Playing Experience:                                                               

Lewis and Clark College, 1988-1992,

Portland, Oregon

Player/Head Coach for Men’s club team. 

Competed in USAVB sanctioned tournaments. 

Jim Stultz

Position: Club Founder
Email: NA
Judson Baptist College - Degree:  B.S. Elementary Education, June 1984

Coaching History (1984-2013)
1984 - 1991 Head Varsity Volleyball Coach - Mt. Hood Christian School
1992 - 1997 Head Varsity Volleyball Coach - La Salle High School
1998 - 1999 Head Varsity Volleyball Coach - Centennial High School
2000 - 2013 Head Varsity Volleyball Coach - Clackamas High School

Overall High School coaching record: 567-215 (28 years)
Ranks 6th - Oregon All-Time Volleyball Coaching Records

Junior Olympic Volleyball (Club) History
1986 - 1991 Founder, Director and Coach - Crusader Volleyball Club
1992 - 1997 Founder, Director and Coach - Metro Volleyball Club
2000 - 2009 Founder, Director and Coach - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2000 - 2002 14's Gold Coach - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2003 - 2005 12's Gold Coach - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2005 - 2006 11's Gold Coach - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2006 - 2007 12's Gold Coach - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2007 - 2008 13's Gold Coach - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2008 - 2009 14's Gold Coach - North Clackamas Volleyball Club
2010 - 2011 14's Red Coach - North Clackamas Volleyball Club

Team Highlights
1988 - Casco League & District Champions 14-0; State A Consolation Champions(24-1) - Mt. Hood Christian
1989 - Casco League & District Champions 16-0; State A Champions (26-0) - Mt. Hood Christian
1990 - Casco League & District Champions 18-0; State A Champions (27-1) - Mt. Hood Christian
1991 - Casco League & District Champions 16-0; State A Champions (31-2) - Mt. Hood Christian
1994 - Tri-Valley League Champions 13-1; State AAA Champions (35-2) - LaSalle
1995 - Tri-Valley League Champions 16-0; State AAA Champions (38-5) - LaSalle
1996 - Tri-Valley League Champions 16-0; 4th in State (36-4) - LaSalle
1997 - Tri-Valley League Champions 16-0; State AAA Champions (42-4) - LaSalle
2004 - State Tournament - 2nd Round (Sweet Sixteen) - Clackamas
2005 - State Tournament - 2nd Round (Sweet Sixteen) - Clackamas
2006 - State Tournament - 3rd Round (Elite Eight) - Clackamas
2007 - State Tournament - 2nd Round (Sweet Sixteen) - Clackamas
2009 - State Tournament - 2nd Round (Sweet Sixteen) - Clackamas
2010 - Three Rivers League Champions; 2nd Round (25-8) (Sweet Sixteen) - Clackamas
2011 - Three Rivers League Champions; (Final Four) 5th in State(38-6) - Clackamas
2012 - Three Rivers League Champions (10-0); (Final Four) 3rd in State (32-7) - Clackamas
2013 - Three Rivers League Chamipions (9-1)

Coaching Awards
1989 OHSCA Class 1A Volleyball "Coach of the Year"
1990 OHSCA Class 1A Volleyball "Coach of the Year"
OHSCA Class 1A Female Sports "Coach of the Year"
Power Plus Class 1A "Coach of the Year"
1991 OHSCA Class 1A Volleyball "Coach of the Year"
1994 OHSCA Class 3A Volleyball "Coach of the Year"
OHSCA Class 3A Female Sports "Coach of the Year"
Oregonian1s Class 3A Volleyball "Coach of the Year"
Mizuno Senior All Star Coach
Tri-Valley League "Coach of the Year"
1995 Tri-Valley League "Coach of the Year"
Nike Senior All - Star Coach
1996 Tri - Valley League "Coach of the Year"
1997 Oregonians Class 3A "Coach of the Year"
OHSCA Class 3A Volleyball "Coach of the Year"
Mizuno Senior All Star Coach
2003 Three Rivers League "Coach of the Year"
2010 Three Rivers League "Coach of the Year"
2012 Three Rivers League "Coach of the Year"            
  • Gold Medal Squared Elite Volleyball Training
  • Aries Apparel
  • Global Youth Athlete
  • Nike
  • Bullying STOPS Here