6/14/2014 6:52 PM

Alyssa is the Libero for the 14's Black team and was recognized from other coaches at the Emerald City Classic within our Division, and honored her with an individual ALL TOURNAMENT TEAM award for the 14's Club Division (32 teams).

This is a well deserved award and I am very proud of Alyssa.  I have been lucky to have Alyssa for the last two years as my libero.  Alyssa's dedication, desire, joy of the game, heart, and all out effort has made her an exciting libero to watch.  

Volleyball is a team effort and without the amazing support, hard work and dedication from her team mates to push her and each other each day this award may not have been possible or the incredible season/tournament we had. 

Congratulations Alyssa, a wonderful achievement!!

Coach Kirt

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