Tentative Practice Schedule
11/1/2014 8:04 PM

Here is a tentative practice schedule  We're getting all set for a great 2014-15 season, and are excited for it to begin  Good luck at tryouts!  Take a look at when you might be practicing  Practices begin November 17th, and venues are yet to be finalized

12’s black: Monday/Wednesday 5-7

12’s red: Monday/Thursday 5-7

12’s white: Tuesdays 5-7

12’s grey: Thursday 5-7

12’s blue: Tuesday 5-7

12's purple: Thursday 5-7

12's green: Wednesday 5-7

14’s black: Wednesday/Friday 5-7

14’s red: Monday/Wednesday 7-9

14’s white: Tuesday/Wednesday 7-9

14’s grey: Tuesday/Thursday 7-9

14’s blue: Monday/Thursday 7-9

14's purple: Monday OR Wednesday from 7-9

16's black: Wednesday 7-9 and Friday 5-7 (we are looking into another practice day still for this division) 

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