New Gym Partnership
9/9/2017 10:30 PM
We are THRILLED to announce a new home gym for NCBVC, Dalzell Community Gym! We are ecstatic that we will have such a beautiful gym with two side-by-side courts right in our community, especially with such limited space with the school district, not to mention all the cancelations that occur. There is a major shortage of gym space in our community right now, so the fact we got this amazing space is a huge blessing!  

With this new gym we will never have a cancelation, so you can depend on your consistent practice schedule. Woohoo! Along with this new partnership will come increased gym fees to cover this new additional cost. We do our absolute best to keep costs among the lowest large club in our area, and even with this increase we are still less expensive them most clubs. Most teams will see an increase of $125-250 per player to cover the increased cost that comes from renting from a private company vs. the school district. We apologize but think this new space will be worth it, especially with the school district continuing to take away our gym space. The new fees are posted under the payments tab on the lefthand side. 

Each player and coach will need to enter the building and put on their volleyball shoes that are not to be worn outdoors in order to keep their floor surface in great condition. 
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