OJVA Friendship Tournament
1/6/2018 7:02 PM

OJVA FriendshipTournament


On December 30th, the14 Black team played in the OJVA Friendship Tournament. In the format of thistournament, all matches went to three sets. 


The first match wasagainst OJVA 14-2 Blue team.  After a sleepy first set where the teamlost 16 - 25, they battled back in close sets but lost the next two 22 -25 and 15 - 17. 


The second team theyplayed was DSK 14-1, out of Corvallis.  The 14 Black team easily handledDSK winning the match 25 - 19, 25 - 15 and 15 - 5.


The last match of theday was against the OJVA 14-1 Gold team.  After a close back and forthbattle in the first set, the 14 Black team ended up losing to the OJVA Goldteam 22-25, 11-25 and 5-15. 


The next tournamentfor the girls will be the first Power League Qualifier at The Hoop in Salem onSunday, January 7th.

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