#2 Power League
3/19/2018 2:29 PM
What a day!! We had high hopes for the day since we moved up to silver and we were expecting a good challenge. We started our day against PVC. We were a little sluggish, our serve and serve receive was not up to our standards and we lost the match 17-25, 16-25. Next up was MAC Jrs. we started off well and won the first set 25-17. Second set was going well when we got our sluggish slump again. We lost 26-28. Then we bounced back and took the 3rd set 15-10. 
Lunch time--time to get energized!
First up was OJVA-2 once again we started off sluggish, getting ourselves in a little hole, but we weren't giving up!! We fought back and won 27-25!! Now we started playing some volleyball, the team I had been seeing the last 2 tournaments had showed up!!! We won the 2nd set 25-19. 
Next up was Excel. We had played them a couple times before and always managed to lose, by quite a bit. But today was the day we were going to prevail over our nemesis'. The first game we fought hard losing 22-25. The second set was a nail biter but we prevailed 25-22 this time. I think this gave us the edge going into the 3rd set where we prevailed 15-10. Winning this match now put us into the gold division no matter what!!!
Who do meet in the championship??? PVC. We started off well, but then had a little slump which put us in the hole to dig out of. We did dig our way out playing super hard!! We only lost 23-25. The battle continued in the second set the score going back and forth. We came out ahead 25-22. On to the third set. We came out blazing!!! Built a nice lead and had them on the ropes. PVC would not give in though and fought back hard. Both teams were playing their hearts out. In the end they won 14-16. 
The girls were heartbroken, but I as the coach couldn't have been prouder of them. The fought hard in each game, they adjusted their play to take advantage of the opponents weakness'.  Overall we have moved from 18th to 6th in the rankings!! The girls are improving on a daily basis and I couldn't be more proud of them!!!!!

Highlights of the tournament were:
Emma 44 for 44 with 12 aces
Ale 24 for 25 with 3 aces
Ava 33 for 38 with 11 aces
Amelia 44 for 48 with 17 aces

Gabbie 21 kills for the day!! and 2 monster blocks against PVC
Emmalyn 14 1 block
Ava 4
Ale 3

Passing rates:
Emmalyn 2.0
Kaitlyn 1.2
Madi 1.0
Sha' Day 1.0
Keanah 1.0

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