Far Western National Qualifier
4/25/2018 11:57 AM
The team travelled to Reno for the Far Western National Qualifier last weekend. The team all stayed together at the Nugget Casino.  It was a great weekend of parent-bonding at the tables, and team-bonding over In and Out burgers, swimming at the pool, and hanging out between games. The team came into the tournament as the 36th seed.  The first day was a blur of very competitive games against Stingray, SF Elite and Webfoot, but NCVBC ended up at the bottom of the pool.  The second day, the team was on fire!  They played four games, against Xceleration 14 Blue, Red Rock East Bay, Encore 14 Navy ad Soljah SOLJAHS, and won three of them ending up 2nd in the pool.  The last day, the team played only one game losing to a team from Seattle - NW Elite 14 Under Armour Blue.  Although the team lost on the last day, NCVBC 14 Black moved up 8 seeds to end the tournament at 28th.  We all had a wonderful weekend, but we're back at it this weekend at CEVA Regionals.  If the team plays like they played this weekend, we're all hoping for great things for them!
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