9/28/2018 4:07 AM

David grew up playing volleyball in Southern California and was a setter in high school (yes, some high schools have boys volleyball). He had some great coaches and some not so great coaches. He learned from each of them. Through it all he absolutely loved being on the court. As a setter, he loved leading and also serving the team. He also loved the teamwork, the constant working to improve, the balance between strength and control, trying to outsmart your opponent, the frustration of momentum swings, and the joy of beating an intimidating team. He loved it all.

As his kids started playing sports, he began coaching. He started with Tee-ball and soccer, and then introduced them to Volleyball. He remembers being intimidated as he attended his first coaches training. Nadia taught him how to use the keys and principles of the game.  He’s really enjoyed helping each athlete build confidence and improve. After 11 seasons of recreation league volleyball, he’s looking forward to coaching club. He also strives to use sports as a vehicle to teach life lessons like teamwork, positivity, self improvement, grace, and sacrifice.

Attending the 3 day coaches training that is put on by Gold Medal Squared really shaped his style as well.

By day he leads the Private Bank of a regional bank in Oregon and SW Washington. He has a wife of 19 years and 4 kids.

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