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14 Grey at the Cowlitz Aces Friendship Tournament

By Raechelle Speidel, 14 Grey Coach, 01/06/20, 6:30PM PST


I was very pleased with how Saturday went for 14 Grey at the Cowlitz Aces Friendship Tournament.  Our team is made of players new to volleyball and even more who are new to club volleyball. We are running a tri-line serve receive - for the most part, and the players were never out of rotation, so they have that down.  In our Morning Pool we took first place.  In the Afternoon Pool we took 2nd - by splitting a match with only one team.  They took the point spread and we lost first in the afternoon pool by only one point. We competed in every match, even the one we lost.  They played so well - it was quite a long day and they kept working and doing great things and there were a lot of moments of great volleyball. 


Ayla - Had a few great kills. Blocking was excellent!

Ariana - we missed her as she was home with the stomach flu

Ella - Great serves and one great save that everyone voted was the best play of the day.

Evelyn - Great hits and blocking throughout the day

Kaiya - great serves and played as much as possible while nursing a sore shoulder

Katie - played excellent all day long. Lots of great serves and dug some great balls. She anticipated the plays to be in the right position

Lexie - made some great plays and really began to understand how switching works

Maria - was able to serve successfully throughout the day and had great passes and court awareness.

Railyn - split the setting duties for most games. Had great serves and moved around the floor very well. Helped by talking and being loud on the court. 

Skylar - was the Libero for this day. Great serves and passed well. 

Tanna - split the setting duties for most games. Served great and helped on and off the floor

I'd say it was a very successful first season full day tournament and a great start to our season!