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14 Grey Wins First Power League Qualifier

By Raechelle Speidel, 01/13/20, 9:30AM PST


These girls just get better and better and truly fun to watch! They put together a fantastic day and won their first qualifier!!  One game we were down 18 to 24.... they never gave up.. they dug in and battled point by point... clear back to take the win 26-24... nail biter!


Ayla - Great net play and Blocking continues to be great. She is making great strides with footwork and transitioning off the net. 

Ariana - Played great. Had some great digs and getting her servers over nicely! 

Ella - Great serves again. Ella did great covering the net as she played middle and outside a few games. She is reading the ball well and getting into the right positions. 

Evelyn - We missed Evelyn she was home with flu. 

Kaiya - Taking it easy with her shoulder. Played great and moving around the court well. She always has a smile and a positive attitude. Communicates well. 

Katie - Played excellent all around the court - all day. Communicates well. Lots of great serves. Continues to be a solid force at the net and anticipating the ball to be in the right place at the right time. 

Lexie - Doing great with switching and made some great plays. She is a competitor and funny too.

Maria - Played great. Loves to compete. Getting multiple serves in a row over. She is making her switches and being active in the play while switching is a great asset.  

Railyn - Settling into the setter role nicely.  We ran a 6-2 for most of the day with Railyn setting. She is loud on the floor and always a smile.   

Skylar - Was the Libero for this day. Settling into this role nicely. Many great serves. Passing well and moving around the court. Talking and being loud on the court is helping.  

Tanna - Newly back from vacation in Colorado we are happy she is back. She played well throughout the day and continues to ask and learn many areas of the game. 

A great start to the power league season.