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14 Grey Shows Great Improvement at PLQ #2

By Raechelle Speidel, 02/05/20, 10:15AM PST


Another fantastic day on the court for these young ladies. 

Although the day wasn't everything we hoped it would be in terms of win-loss record there was huge growth and moments of greatness throughout. Many, if not all games, we scored 22, 23, 24, 25,26 points....They fought through every match and putting that many points on the board the desired outcome will take care of itself. 


Ayla - Another stunning day at the net… lots of kills and blocking are impressive. Several duals at the net where she stayed strong and solid. 

Ariana - Played great. Learning her switches on the court. This day she got some setting in and it went really well. 

Ella - Great serve. Ella is really working hard and reading the ball. Many times getting into the right position to play the ball even when it’s hit differently she quickly made the adjustment to keep the ball in play. 

Evelyn - Evelyn played really well all day. Lots of net play and transitioning. She is becoming a strong force on the court.  

Kaiya – She played Libero most of the day and did fantastic. Her serves are getting better and better!

Katie - Played fantastic all day. She continues to be in the right place at the right time. Knowing when to be at the net and when to transition off. Continues to be a solid force at the net.

Lexie - Doing great with switching. Her footwork with passing and serve receive is making great strides.  

Maria - Played fantastic. Communicating well. Continues to be ready for anything. She is a competitor!

Railyn – Was one of the setters this day. She is moving great around the court and being loud.

Skylar – Played great all day. She was a hitter for most games and Libero in a few games. Her servers are great and very consistent.

Tanna – Was one of the setters this day. Doing fantastic. Moves around the court well and found out the importance of being in the right position at the right time… One ball she took off her shoulder setting it up perfectly for our hitter to get the kill!!! The team loved this play.