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14 Grey Team update from Power League 2/23/2020

By Raechelle Speidel, 02/25/20, 2:00PM PST


So much fun seeing these girls put into play what they work so hard on at practice. 

I remain grateful to be apart of their journey. To see them bond and create memories is truly special.  Watch out for the hand sanitizer - it'll get ya ... joke among the players ...

We started the day on fire and it got better as it went on. Last game in pool play was to be the most difficult of the day. We lost game 1, but came back and fought to win game 2. We went back and forth on game 3 ending up losing the match. We came right back and won our crossover in 2 which speaks to their heart and desire to play their best even when they are tired. We only focused on what we did on our side of the net.  

They came together this weekend and began to cheer after each point whether a great serve or a great save ... truly any reason to celebrate a point and enjoy one another. That's what these weekends are made of ... the girls bringing out the best in each other. 


Ayla -  Another fantastic day at the net. This day we were all excited she got to play some back row and successfully served 2 serves. 

Ariana - Had the flu and wasn't able to make it.  

Ella - Another great day of serves. She remains consistent and the numbers of serves she runs in a row is impressive. We worked on kills at practice and net work and she did all great things. She is also doing great in the back row moving to the ball and seeing the angles and where she needs to be to make a great pass.  

Evelyn - Evelyn had a great day she have lots of kills and she too played some back row this day. We were all excited that she got her first serves over the net as well.   

Kaiya – She played Libero this day. She served well and making great progress in reading the ball to move to it. 

Katie - Great serves for her this day. She has truly mastered the assist when the pass gets a bit closer to the net than the setter can work with. Out of nowhere Katie comes in and the ball is over the net for our point.  

Lexie - She is freshly back from being very sick and she continues to work hard. She played back row with great digs along with some front row plays and great kills. She is a joy to coach.  

Maria - She played back and backrow. She talks through every ball. She remains a solid player. 

Railyn – Was one of the setters this day. She had lots of great serves and helps the floor with talking and staying organized.  

Skylar – She was a hitter for most games. She played both front and back row  in a few games. Her serves are great and very consistent.

Tanna – Was one of the setters this day. She continues to impress. This was an exceptional day for her as she ended up serving two game winning points. She also began to realize that moving to ball and reading it allows you to cover lots of court. 

I am so honored to coach these great ladies if only for a short time. I look forward to what is to come.